Mortar tubs

Efficient Mortar Handling with Mortar Tubs and Mortar Boxes

Masonry work demands precision and efficiency. Our range of mortar tubs and mortar boxes is designed to streamline the process and make it more productive. With clever design features and various size options, our products are the ideal solution for your mortar needs.

Functional Design Features

Our mortar tubs and mortar boxes are equipped with clever design features that make handling mortar easier and more efficient. From the discharge hatch at the bottom to the sturdy handles on the sides, every detail is carefully crafted to optimize your workflow.

Different Sizes Customized to Your Needs

We understand that mortar tasks vary in scope. Therefore, we offer different sizes that fit your specific needs. Our mortar tubs and mortar boxes are available in 360 L, 500 L, and 680 L, so you can choose the right size for your task.