Model TE500

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  • Large mixer with a capacity of 540 liters (360 liters of finished material).
  • Strong 10 HP engine
  • Four arms fitted with sound-absorbing rubber and a side scraper.
  • Stepless adjustment of shovel blades makes cleaning easier
  • Very durable plates in the bottom and tub
  • Large Pneumatic Wheels
  • Pull-handle
  • Lifting holes
  • Fork-lift pockets

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SKU: 1011 0142 Categories: ,

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Specialfabrikkens wide range: of forced mixers, we ensure that there is a mixer for every need. Our popular TE500 is one of the large mixers for big tasks on the construction site. With this machine, you can mix 360 liters of finished material per filling. TE500 has four arms with replaceable rubber-coated mixing blades and a steel side scraper. It is made of extra strong plates in the tub and base, ensuring that the tub remains round, giving you a strong and durable machine for many years. The rubber-coated mixing blades are adjustable steplessly, making it easy to keep the bottom clean and facilitating subsequent cleaning.

TE500 has proven its durability over the years with its powerful 7.5 kW motor. It is not uncommon for us to provide service for a 20-year-old forced mixer - with proper care and maintenance, they have a long lifespan.

Please note! We stock a wide range of spare parts, ensuring that you can enjoy the benefits of your cement mixer for many years. You have the option to replace individual parts such as side scrapers, arms, or shovel blades as needed, or you can replace the entire mixing mill at once. We also stock gears, motors, wheels, lids, and numerous small components. All of these contribute to the long lifespan of our mixers.

"TE" is a series of efficient forced mixers known for their strength and quality. The larger models (TE200, TE300, TE500, TE800, and TT880) are made of extra-strong plate material that can withstand the additional capacity. Additionally, they are equipped with powerful motors - see further details in the additional information section.

Note: Direct drive - no V-belts.



In accordance with the Machinery Directive's requirements for safety and health, there is a grid cover installed over the tub and a protective grid under the discharge hatch. Additionally, there is motor protection to prevent unexpected/unintended starts.



Mixing of silo mortar, concrete mix, and similar materials.

Note: Extra-strong bottom and wrapping, as well as mixing blades with rubber coating.

"See more under 'Additional Information'."

Vinderup Prof Cement Mixers can also be supplied with a gasoline or diesel engine. Contact us for price and options.

Additional information


500 L.


360 L


540 kg.

L = Length

1815 mm.

W = Width

1310 mm.

Height H1

1450 – 1650 mm.

Engine size

7,5 kW / 10 Hk

Three-phase 400V / 50 Hz


Motor RPM

1400 min.

Gear Ratio


Mixer Mill RPM

35. per. minute

Plate Thickness, Bottom

10 mm.

Plate Thickness, Tub

5 mm.