Cement Mixer

Cement Mixers in all sized

Specialfabrikken Vinderup stocks cement mixers in various sizes from 65 L to 880 L. Our best-selling model is the TE300 – an all-around mixing machine with a good capacity of 300 liters, a powerful 5.5 HP motor, reinforced bottom and tub, and strong steel arms with rubber paddle blades.

Concrete Mixers for Every Need

We also have mixers for smaller needs – for example, our TE65, TE100, or TE115, which have capacities of 65, 100, and 115 liters respectively – and for the very large requirements on the construction site with our TE500 or TE800, which have capacities of a full 500 and 800 liters.

We can also supply a tractor mixer with a full 880 L capacity, which is mounted on the tractor's three-point hitch and powered by the power take-off.

You do not compromise when you choose a forced mixer from us, and you are always more than welcome to contact us for advice regarding the selection of your next forced mixer.

Efficient and Reliable Cement mixers for Various Purposes

The forced mixer is a very efficient mixing machine primarily used by the professional craftsman. A mixer that can advantageously be used as a concrete or mortar mixer, and can be utilized in many different industries.

The mixer is indispensable for the professional craftsman on a construction site. A solid mixer makes the job much easier when mixing, but to get the most out of the machine, it's important that you choose the right forced mixer.

At Specialfabrikken, you can get concrete mixers in various sizes and models. We have one for every need. Purchase your next forced mixer from us.

Our forced mixer is produced in Vinderup and is of the highest market quality, featuring the most powerful motors. We also always stock a large selection of spare parts for our machines.

Therefore, you are guaranteed a mixer that can operate for many years. Our forced mixers meet the professional craftsman's expectations for efficiency and durability.

Purchase your next mixer directly from Specialfabrikken. You avoid costly intermediaries. Even though we provide the best quality in Denmark, our prices are absolutely competitive. If you have questions about our forced mixers, contact Specialfabrikken at 97441466 or write to us at mail@specialfabrikken.dk

Consult us before choosing your next forced mixer

We have a large selection of forced mixers, and it can be difficult to judge which mixer suits your needs. The advantage of a forced mixer from Specialfabrikken over similar products on the market is their great efficiency. Common to all our models is that you do not compromise and get a forced mixer that can run for many years.

The price of a forced mixer can be high, and the need can be different. Our mixers come in sizes ranging from 65 L to 880 L. Therefore, you must assess your needs in relation to the capacity. If you have any questions, call 97 44 14 66 or write mail@specialfabrikken.dk.

Considerations when choosing forced mixers

Mixing capacity:

Assess your mixing capacity needs. Our product range is wide ranging from 65 L to 880 L. Our recommendation is that you should choose a capacity that covers a little more than what you actually need.

Physical size of the machine:

The size of the mixer usually depends on the mixing capacity, but not all mixers are the same. You can read more about the dimensions of the individual forced mixers on the corresponding data sheet. The majority of our mixers come with wheels and can therefore be easily moved around the construction site.


The height of discharge is also a factor you should consider depending on what you need to empty the contents into.


In accordance with the Machinery Directive's requirements for safety and health, a grid cover is fitted over the vessel and a protective grid under the drain hatch. Our mixers also have a motor protection, which protects against unexpected / unintentional start.

Vinderup Prof Forced mixers can also be supplied with a petrol or diesel engine, contact us for price and options on 97 44 14 66.

FAQ: Frequently asked questions

What is a cement mixer?

A forced mixer is an efficient machine that can mix a myriad of products. It can, for example, be variants of concrete, functional mortar in a silo or cone, lime mortar, casting mix and the like. Forced mixers are available in different sizes, and you can therefore find a model for any purpose.

Why should you use a forced mixer?

You can quickly get a good result, and do not have to spend a long time waiting for your product, as the forced mixer has a reliable and efficient mixing ability at high speed. A forced mixer is approved for everything and is most often seen as the best choice.

What size forced mixer should I use?

The size of the forced mixer depends on your specific needs. For very large tasks with many men on the task, the 600 L – 800 L can be used extensively. If you are alone on the task, you can usually make do with the small mixing machines of less than 100 L. The smaller machines are also usually more mobile.

How much does a forced mixer cost?

The price of a forced mixer depends on the size and model. At Specialfabrikken, you can get the very small one for under DKK 10,000 excl. VAT and the large 800L for over DKK 50,000. We have everything you need, and stock spare parts for all our forced mixers, and you are therefore guaranteed a mixing machine that can run for many years. If you want a mixing machine powered by petrol or diesel, that can also be done. Call 97441466 to hear about your options.